[col2 ][/col2][col2 ]While on the plane, you will receive an entry form like the one pictured to the left. You will need your flight number and passport number to complete the form. Mark “turismo” as the purpose of your trip. Your foreseen address is “Antigua, Guatemala.” The rest of the form is self-explanatory. Make sure you complete the form before deplaning.[/col2]

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[/col2][col2 ]When you get off the plane, simply follow the “Immigration/Migración” signs. It’s a bit of a hike from the gate to the customs area. Feel free to use the restrooms along the way. We advise you to use on if you need one, as shortly you will be en route to your destination on the NHI/ACE bus! Please do not exchange currency at this stage.[/col2]

[col2 ][/col2][col2 ]At immigration, your passport is checked. Have it open to the info page. Once stamped, make sure the date is visible. The line occasionally can be long; a smile to the official is always welcome.

Proceed around the corner to baggage claim. Make sure you have your baggage ticket. Agents will check that your luggage is yours. Should your baggage not arrive (it can happen), tell an attendant immediately but don’t feel the need to resolve the issue yourself. Proceed outside and NHI/ACE staff will help you. Most baggage is taken through a scanner. This tends not to be a big deal. As you proceed through the baggage area, you will turn in the form you completed on the plane to an official.[/col2]

[col2 ][/col2][col2 ]Exit the airport! You must come all the way outside for us to greet you. Turn left upon exiting. We are always on the left side or in the café to the left of the exit doors. Bienvenidos![/col2]

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