Since its inception in 2011, NHI/ACE has responded to marginalized communities who reach out to find partners in their efforts to improve local public health. For NHI/ACE, this means supporting the community in its efforts to build a new comunitario or public health space or provide medical care. In 2019, the small community of Pacoxpón initiated an effort to partner with Nursing Heart and Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing to initiate a joint public health survey program, in order to help the community understand the needs of its own residents and proceed into the future. This development of this partnership is ongoing and represents an exciting embodiment of our mission.

Community Health Programs

Working closely with Hombres and Mujeres en Acción, participants support local communities in constructing clinics, community centers, or kitchens to foster better community health. Our partners have carefully screened and engaged in development work with the communities requesting these facilities. One of our primary aims is to help with fundraising for the construction so that dreams can become realities.

In 2019, in partnership with Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Nursing Heart undertook a new public health program with the community of Pacoxpón. The people of Pacoxpón seek to provide a broader range of health resources to their community. With guidance from faculty and after extensive pre-meetings between NHI|ACE and the community, JHSoN students undertook a carefully developed public health survey with households. The results of this survey have informed subsequent education programs on our regular return visits to the community.