Jade Parker-Manderson -- Executive Director

Jade is a Registered Nurse from Australia who is specialized in Pediatric Emergencies and Nursing Education. A former University Lecturer of Nursing, she has spent the last six years working and volunteering in the Public and Global Health sectors around the world. She has lived in Guatemala since the end of 2014.

When she arrived in Guatemala, she didn’t expect to fall in love with the country and its cultures. After four months, she decided to stay and dedicate herself to supporting the health of the people through NGO work and medical education in private and public hospitals around the country.

Now as the Executive Director of Nursing Heart, Inc. | Asociación Corazón de Enfermería, she is looking forward to continuing to advance the work of NHI in the communities. Her dreams and goals for the future of Nursing Heart include creating a Nursing Education Program in Guatemala to empower local nurses through enhanced nursing education, clinical skills training, and a holistic medical approach.

César Santos -- Clinical Director

César’s inspiration to become a nurse originated in the figure of Santo Hermano Pedro, whose story he knew since childhood. He knew he wanted to serve the people in a similar way. “We have a multicultural and multilingual country, and I wanted to be able to serve in a common way, regardless of background,” Cesar says. In his first nursing job, he learned to be as “human” as possible when providing care. “I saw all kinds of people in different stages of life, young and old. I learned so much but I knew I had to move on to keep learning.”

César’s philosophy of care is to maintain his spiritual and moral values that he has acquired over his life and from his parents. In his work planning clinics with ACE partner communities, he prioritizes respecting others and responding to them based on their stated needs. César enjoys being able to provide hospitality to ACE’s visiting nurses, and takes pride in being able to give them confidence to learn and in the care they offer to patients in Guatemala. “We are all on the same plane, with the desire to help those around us.”

Blanqui López -- Pharmacist

Blanqui came to pharmacy through her work with other medical NGOs around Antigua. She studied for pharmacy at the University of San Carlos of Guatemala and through the Ministry of Health. As she learned more about pharmacy, she also learned just how much she loves being an educator. Blanqui enjoys being as specific as possible while developing relationships with clinic patients. “I make sure they have the confidence to ask me a question if they don’t understand something. I love having this connection and being able to serve people in this way. Sometimes people just need to be heard,” she says.

Blanqui tries to transmit her and the staff’s passion for their work to ACE’s visiting groups of nurses. This is informed by her outlook that if someone is passionate about something, they are loving to share that passion everywhere they can. “Passion for hospitality, care, and respect lead to productive and healthy environments. I try to share these things with our groups to remind ourselves why we do the work we do.”