Nursing Heart Inc
Summary of NHI/ACE Clinical Activities
and Construction Projects

Over 3,500 patients were seen in the various clinics offered by NHI/ACE (then known as Guatemala Esperanza) during the 2016-2017 season. Clinics included: School clinics, General health Acute Care clinics, HT/DM clinics, Women’s Cervical Cancer Screening, and Foot Care Clinics.

161 – Total number of people coming from the U.S. to serve the Guatemalan people.

  • 117 RN and FNP students
  • 29 Faculty including licensed FNPs or MDs
  • 15 members in the GENHI team including: board members, licensed medical professionals and passionate volunteers to complete the building project.

Universidad Rafael Landivar Nursing Program Collaborative Project:

Piloting of RN student collaborative process with Universidad Rafael Landivar Nursing Program in Antigua, Guatemala. Student RN’s from Guatemala helped during GE clinicals by taking patient vital signs and provided patient advocacy and indigenous language translation and earned clinical practical hours for their nursing program in Guatemala. 

  • 12 students total from Universidad Rafael Landivar earned clinical practical nursing hours


School clinics (school screenings) – done by BSN students. 9 total schools + Choabajito general checks/well child. 

  • 5 of the 9 total school clinics were a collaboration with Obras Sociales – San Martin

692 – Treated with Albendazole

707 – Treated with Fluoride

33 –  Given additional medical referral for follow-up

666 – Given dental referral for follow-up

Foot clinics  3 foot clinics total. Included cleaning, nail clipping and foot evaluation 

  • 88 TOTAL served.

FNP General Acute Care Clinics – Primary care visits. Total number village general clinics – 10

  • 5 of the 10 total clinics were a collaboration with Obras Sociales – San Martin
  • of the clinics was put on by the NHI/ACE, Friends of Nursing Heart Inc. group, a group of licensed NP’s and RN’s. 

Women’s VIA/CRYO exams – Total number of women’s clinics- 9

  • 640 – TOTAL WOMEN seen and screened

20 – Positive cases of cervical dysplasia (pre-cancer) treated with CRYO. 

6  Ectropion treated with CRYO

175 – Treated for s/s of infection and given partner medication when warranted.

  • Women diagnosed with prolapse or other conditions were referred for additional follow up services. In addition, women needing additional diagnostic services such as ultrasounds and colposcopy are followed by Dra. Paty Baiza.

HT/DM Clinic – Monthly clinics offered in 3 pueblos during the 2016-2017 Pilot Project: Santa Maria de Jesus, San Miguel Duenas, and San Antonio Aguas Calientes. 

  • ~46 Patients total regularly attend the HT/DM clinics. Santa Maria de Jesus has the best patient turnout and management of HT/DM with 28 patients returning monthly. Guatemala Esperanza runs the clinic under the license of Dr. Raul Pineda Amezquita with assistance from the NHI/ACE Staff.


Stoves installed in Collaboration with Hombres y Mujeres en Acción

  • 42 total – vented, wood efficient stoves installed in homes by BSN groups.

Construction Project  with NHI/ACE in collaboration with Hombres y Mujeres en Acción:

  • Community Clinic – Choabajito, with ACE/NHI group.