The Community Health Workers are trained volunteers from 6 villages in San Martin Jilotepeque, remote communities which are far enough from the urban center to make healthcare services difficult to access. They were recruited with help from local community leaders and public health professionals, and invited to participate in more than 250 hours of training.

These caring volunteers visit local families and take vital signs, measure blood pressure and glucose levels, and most importantly, they talk with each patient about what they are finding, and what possible diet and lifestyle changes will help them feel better.

The Community Health Workers also assess if the patient needs a referral to a professional consultation with a registered nurse or doctor. The CHW will provide the patient with easy steps to coordinate local health services with community nurses.

This program began as a pilot project in 2020 to better meet the health needs of families in communities that do not have adequate clinics or basic healthcare prevention services. Since its inception, these inspiring volunteers have already reached more than 250 families, in 750 visits. The incredible Community Health Workers are passionate, admirable, and exemplary leaders in their communities, and we love them!

As of July 2023, this transformational initiative consists of 6 communities and 14 trained volunteers who are our Community Health Promoters, and is on its way to changing health access to over 10,000 Guatemalans with the first cohort.

Through health education, development and strengthening of partnerships with the community, local governments and non-profit organizations, the program empowers individuals and communities to become the major players in solving and preventing their own health problems and by being a part of the formation and education of future CHWs. They will be trained to assess, refer and manage the major health issues within their communities identified through a community health assessment, and be trained to deliver public health awareness classes. The overall objective is to lower morbidity through early detection and treatment of illness and diseases. 

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