“It is such a beautiful act of humility, to sit at someone’s feet, the body’s lowest place, and provide care that goes beyond words, demonstrating how we can each try to be the first to show respect to the other. You can learn a lot about someone’s health from their feet… this is the art and science of nursing. Here is diversity, equity, inclusion and justice, all wrapped up in one act…let each of us be the first to respect one another.”

-Dr Kathy Magorian, Dean of Nursing at Mount Marty University in South Dakota, who brought foot clinics to Nursing Heart in 2016.

Nursing Heart facilitates foot clinics at eldercare facilities in our partner communities, offering nursing students the opportunity to see their practice from a different perspective.

Elderly members of the community, many of whom have never received foot care, receive a foot treatment including:
– Foot soak and wash.
– Cleaning and clipping of nails.
– Visual inspection of any blisters, wounds, calluses, fungus, or indication of infection.
– Circulation, motor, and sensation assessment as well as pain.
– Nail polish is even available for those who want it!

Providing health professionals and students with the experience of conducting a foot clinic is not only great for the patient but also for the growth of the professional.

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