COVID-19 response

How are we helping support our partner communities during this crisis?

During this public health crisis, Nursing Heart cannot be visiting any communities providing our usual health screening services. For this we have decided to pivot our focus to meet the current public health needs of our community partners. Our first step with our re-tweaked mission is to provide support to the most vulnerable populations; The elderly and those with chronic conditions. 

Diabetes and Hypertensive Club

Nursing Heart is continuing to hold an abridged version of the Diabetes and Hypertensive club every month by supporting the members with medication distribution under strict hygiene protocols.

The members of the club, most of whom are above the age of 60, will be some of the first recipients of the food and care packages that will be delivered in the coming weeks. 

‘Hogar de los ancianos’ 

The home for the elderly in San Martin Jilotepeque will be part of the first group to receive this aid. This initiative has come from us remaining in contact with our community leaders and analyzing their situation, identifying where they need support. Blanqui has been in communication with the nuns who run the home and they have expressed that they rely on local donations of food to survive. Due to the economic struggles facing most people, the donations of food and supplies have reduced or stopped all together.  

What’s in our care packages? 

We are providing a month’s supply of fruits, vegetables, grains, personal hygiene products, and cleaning products including alcohol gel for the whole family. For the aged care home we are also providing adult diapers. 

If you are able to give a gift of a care package, just $50 provides enough food and hygiene products for a family for a month. Thank you and be well,

Jade Parker-Manderson
Executive Director