We are grateful to our university partners, donors, and visiting students for helping us provide clinical programs in collaboration with our partner communities and learning experiences for visiting nurses at comparably low costs. One-time or monthly contributions of any amount make a big difference:


Your gift of $25

covers women’s and sexual health education for a woman and her partner, and a personalized cervical cancer screening for her. Cervical cancer remains the primary cause of cancer deaths among women in Guatemala.

Your gift of $20

covers a visit to the acute care clinic for one patient who likely cannot afford regular care. The visit includes an individualized screening from a nurse practitioner student and the attending Guatemalan doctor, any necessary medicine and supplies, and contracted interpretation and other services.

Your gift of $15

provides a visit to an annual school wellness clinic for one child. Through the support of partner BSN students, their clinic visit includes dental education and supplies, fluoride treatment, albendazole, support for the child’s school in documenting their health records, nutrition exam and general medical checkup.

Make your gift using the button below. Supporters like you make our work possible. Thank you!

Mail all checks to:

Nursing Heart, Inc.
5137 N Mason Ave, 
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