General Campaign 2019-2020

Our 8th Anniversary Invitation

We need your help as Nursing Heart enters its ninth year offering health services to underserved people in rural Guatemala. Many of you know from your own experiences providing care in Guatemala that a majority of women, children, and men seen in our clinics would not have access to health screenings if not for you and Nursing Heart.
As we celebrate the anniversary of our founding eight years ago, we are asking for your monthly support for the future. We are looking forward to new opportunities to support public health in Guatemala and to facilitate experiences designed to help nurses reflect on the power of the care they provide every day. Can you contribute at:
  • A $40/month level?
    • Sponsor two clinic visits per month: 1 visit for a woman to the women’s clinic for a cervical cancer screening; 1 visit for a child to the wellness clinic for dental education, fluoride and general health screening
  • A $20/month level?
    • Sponsor a visit to the acute care clinic, including consult with a doctor and pharmacy services
  • Or any amount of your choosing?
    • For example, sponsor one of our monthly diabetes and hypertensive clinics with a one-time donation of $300 — or $25 monthly — benefiting 40 regular patients with medical checkup and medication
**Any amount truly makes a big difference. Our amazing current monthly donors combine to provide funds equivalent to the cost of visits to the women’s clinic for 20 women every month. With your help we can make it 40 women per month, or more!**

Your financial commitment will support the ongoing expansion NHI’s health services, and help continue to subsidize nursing students so more people can grow in understanding of the health needs and beautiful cultures of the people of Guatemala.

In particular, in 2019-2020 your support will help us:

Provide continuing wellness checks at primary schools.

  • In 2018-2019, Nursing Heart, with the help of our nursing student partners, provide these checks to over 2,000 students. We prioritize returning to the same schools who have expressed their desire for our help in tracking student health data and providing dental and other education as part of these clinics.

Provide cervical cancer screenings which have the potential to save women’s lives.

  • Last year approximately 5 percent of the 694 women screened were in need of and received cryotherapy. With your help we can spare many more women the devastating experience of seeking chemotherapy and radiation in Guatemala. In the rare event that women need more complex treatment, your gift helps us provide progressive services as needed.

Continue the development of global public health partnerships between Nursing Heart partner schools and community health committees.
  • This effort is supporting the setting of health priorities based on local needs. For more information, check out this video.

Nursing Heart is unique in its mission to provide health services to low-resource communities while providing formative global learning experiences for nursing students. We ask for your sustaining contribution to help us ensure that future nurses and healthcare professionals will continue to be able to support public health in Guatemala.

From all of us at Nursing Heart | Corazón de Enfermería, thank you for your consideration and support, and always for being a part of this growing community.

Jade, Sara, César, Blanqui, Javier, and Ross

Nursing Heart, Inc. | Asociación Corazón de Enfermería
2a Avenida Sur #17, Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Prefer not to donate online? Mail a check to:

Nursing Heart
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