Globally, nearly three billion people use polluting and inefficient stoves or open flames to cook their food. Exposure to cooking smoke kills approximately two million people worldwide every year. In Guatemala, breathing in the toxic fumes while preparing tortillas and frijoles puts Maya women and children at risk for respiratory illnesses, blindness and burns on a daily basis.

The use of the Chapina stove provides:

  • 99% of reduction of smoke inside the house
  • 69% savings on firewood compared to consumption on open fire stoves
  • Decreased incidence of respiratory diseases, skin cancer and direct exposure to fire.

The cost of one clean-burning, efficient Chapina stove for a family is $135. The benefiting family also participates in the process by contributing to the cost of purchasing and installing their stove.

Would you consider participating in this program with us?

Photo: Denise Saenz
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