National Nurse Appreciation Month

Celebrate Nurses ♥️

Throughout May 2024, Nursing Heart is celebrating nurses with our Nurse Appreciation Campaign. We invite you to donate and support our mission. Your donation will enhance the clinical skills of our staff and visiting nurses, while providing essential healthcare to families throughout Guatemala.

Our organization is a lifeline for nurses eager to challenge themselves and make a difference. Our transformative programs, which connect skilled healthcare providers with underserved communities in Guatemala where healthcare services are scarce or inaccessible, rely on the generosity of donors to keep costs affordable for visiting nurses.

As Nursing Heart works tirelessly to empower nurses and transform communities, each contribution serves as a beacon of hope, lighting the path toward a brighter, healthier future for all. Join us in celebrating nurses and making a lasting impact through your donation to Nursing Heart’s Nurse Appreciation Campaign.

Nurse Practitioner students from Florida Atlantic University after seeing hundreds of patients in the rural village of Candelaria in February 2024.

your donation Will empower nurses to enhance their skills and make a difference in underserved communities!

As Nursing Heart looks toward the future, the impact of our work serves as a testament to the power of generosity in creating lasting change. With each donation, we take another step toward empowering nurses, transforming communities, and building a healthier, brighter tomorrow for all. Your donations not only enable nurses to enhance their clinical skills but also directly impact the lives of Guatemalan families in need.

Pictured above: School Wellness Clinics. Our nurse partners teach students about dental health and proper tooth brushing technique as part of the health screening process.

Empowering Nurses, Transforming Communities: The Heartbeat of Nursing Heart's Mission

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