University of South Dakota

Oct. 6-13, 2018


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  • Packing
  • Arrival in Guatemala
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  • Your group!
  • Chapina stoves
    • Your group will spend time visiting the homes of families in the community of San Lorenzo El Cubo and assisting with the installation of a Chapina stove in each. You will also learn about the history and process of the creation of these high-efficiency, wood-burning stoves. These families contribute a share of the price of their new stove; we ask for your help in raising the additional $135 per stove. Let your friends, family and classmates know about your planned experience and consider asking them to support this special aspect of your time in Guatemala. They can:
    • via PayPal or at our stoves page;
    • Or send a check payable to Nursing Heart to our office at 1248 W Ohio St, Ste 301, Chicago, IL 60642.
  • Other ways to help/supplies to bring
  • The Asociación Corazón de Enfermería team
  • Our organization
  • School Screening Basic Protocols
  • Fluoride Data Sheet
    • Courtesy: 3M