SHELTER — Monday Motivational Meditation #364 — 2018-07-30

From Nursing Heart Inc on July 30, 2018; #364

Monday Motivational Meditation

When the storms of life come, if they come to me personally,
to my family or to the world,
I want to be strong enough to stand and be a strength to somebody else,
be shelter for somebody else.

Anne Graham Lotz, 1948-

American Christian evangelist. She is the second daughter of evangelist Billy Graham and his wife Ruth Graham. She founded AnGeL Ministries and is the author of 11 books, of which her best known is Just Give Me Jesus.

Times Square, New York City, New York


When my colleagues and I work at communication, our bond, our trust, becomes a shelter. We respectfully and honestly listen to one another. That mutuality provides a place where we feel safe to look at the challenging issues that face those we are serving. It protects our patients because we have honed a place of safety where all problems can be brought with care to the table. Being together is like getting into a good car and being shielded from the noise outside.

In the world of communication, I have to remember my responses come from the stories I have told myself about situations. Sorting out what are the facts and knowing my feelings about them can be hard work but worth the effort. If I look at the shelter I am giving to specific thoughts and ideas, I can change them and perhaps feel differently about something that is happening.

I want to find my cover in places with lots of air. Places where I can breathe freely and not have to worry so much. This is the kind of shelter I want to provide for my patients too! Even though it’s not home, I will offer my patients a place where they can feel protected and can find refuge.

Divine Shelter, in the shadow of your wings, show me the path to safety. With your protection from the storms of life, fill me with a confidence that I will always be able to find love and care from those around me. May I bravely offer my energies to be a shelter for others. AMEN.

ACTION: Consider how safe you feel with your colleagues. Are they a shelter for you from the challenges you face? What is needed now?

About the Photographer

Calla Kessler


Nursing Heart is pleased to introduce you to Calla’s work. See more of her work at We are excited to share her human connections with you.

This series is called, “Safety.” Once again this month’s themes are inspired by a book entitled, Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler. In health care we all know how important communication is to protect those to whom we offer care.

C茅sar Santos and I visiting with Julio Garcia, Sr. at Bendici贸n de Dios in Alotenango.

Nursing Heart Friends,

C茅sar Santos, our new clinical director, and I made our way out to Alotenango this past week to check plans for our season ahead with the Director of Asociaci贸n Bendici贸n de Dios, Julio Garcia, Sr. We visited with Julio and Jackie who is his administrative assistant.

Alotenango had a major role and continues as a staging center for those who were devastated by the eruption of Fuego Volcano this past spring. He has worked hard to manage and support many people who have been facing difficulties because of the tragedy. I was happy that C茅sar and I could visit and show our support to these hard working folks who have been trying to help with those basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. He has been trying to maintain the beautiful functioning school as well as be a staging ground. The strain for him and his staff is real.

We are excited that a new colleague of ours, the University of Missouri at St. Louis under the direction of Dr. Natalie Wess Murphy, will be with us to support Julio and the community of Alotenango in January of 2019. Dr. Murphy knows us well as she participated in several efforts with Dr. Rhonda Goodman and the students of FAU in Florida in past years. Nursing Heart’s growth through the years has happened primarily through experiences that are shared and then expanded upon. We like the organic process of our marketing methods to expand our work with the people in Guatemala. We are almost ready to publish the schedule for our next season. It’s going to be a big one.


Learn more about our work at

Quote of the Week

“Nursing care must include a conscious concern for the basics
like food, clothing and shelter to be effective.”

Dr. Natalie Wess Murphy
Associate Dean for Academic Programs
University of Missouri-St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri

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