MODELING — Monday Motivational Meditation #404 — 2019-05-06

From Nursing Heart Inc on May 6, 2019; #404

Monday Motivational Meditation

“Fortunately, most human behavior is learned observationally
through modeling from others.”

Albert Bandura

Influential social cognitive psychologist who is perhaps best known for his social learning theory, the concept of self-efficacy, and his famous Bobo doll experiments.

by Ron Noecker

The work of caring for people requires my leadership. I have to model how to show empathy and compassion for the difficulties that others face. Modeling empathy takes wisdom and a sense of selflessness that is willing to put one’s self into the heart and mind of someone else and trying to connect with the story they are telling themselves about the situation.

Modeling requires a healthy striving to always become a better listener and trying to understand better what a person may be going through. I will never do this perfectly. Without worrying too much about what others think, I want to strive for greater perception and understanding.

I can’t fix people, but I can be a model of how to lead others toward a wholesome view of the human experience that truly lifts the other up and helps them find healing. I will demonstrate how to manage disappointment, loneliness, anger or the “not knowing” that often comes with an illness.

Divine Love, may I model care for others that shows a willingness to forego my own thoughts and feelings to hear and feel the emotions of others. Being with them in their sufferings, may I lead them toward streams of refreshment that give hope. Fill me with peace knowing that I am modeling care that is eternal. AMEN

ACTION: Describe how you like to model leadership. Take a look at
Brené Brown’s book, Dare to Lead. Consider if it might be a good read for you. Then, model your good leadership in a situation this week.

Learn more about the above photo by Kendall Draeger below. Our thanks to Kendall for his use in this series called, “Leadership.”
Credit is given for the influence provided in Dare to Lead by Brené Brown in these reflections. Learn more at

Nursing Heart Friends,

As mentioned above, one of our biggest current influences is Brené Brown. If you haven’t already, I would recommend watching her video on the anatomy of trust. It’s a wonderful dissection of how we develop trust and is suited for everyday experiences as well as our professional lives.

Following on from her work, this week we held a team training focusing on operationalizing our values. The team, including three of our translators/group coordinators, got together to align behaviours to the values of NHI. Identifying how we practice these values in our everyday activities with the overall goal: Keeping the spirit of nursing heart alive and strengthening our service.

As an organization, we provide humble service with heart, build relationships of trust, practice respectful competence and provide safety and hospitality.

“Living into our values, we do more than profess them, we practice them.”
On Saturday, we welcomed Florida Atlantic University’s BSN students to Guatemala and today we set off to San Felipe de Jesús to provide a school wellness check. More on this next week…

Happy Monday,

Jade Parker-Manderson xx

Executive Director NHI/ACE

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About the Photographer

Kendall Draeger grew up in Kansas and received his first camera as a Christmas gift while in high school. After college he moved to Ohio to start his career and family. Photography has remained a hobby and nature is one of his favorite subjects. Family vacations with his wife and daughters would often be trips to state and national parks. Now that he and his wife Meg are empty-nesters, they continue to enjoy adventures to both local and distant scenic areas throughout the U.S.

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