VACATION — Monday Motivational Meditation #417 — 2019-08-05

From Nursing Heart Inc on August 5, 2019; #417

Monday Motivational Meditation

“The ant is knowing and wise,
but he doesn’t know enough to take a vacation.”

Clarence Day, 1874-1935

American author and cartoonist, best known for his 1935 work, Life With Father.

by Ron Noecker

Silence helps me find answers. Vacations are critical to giving me that space to stop for a while and allow things to settle, work on me, and surface new solutions on my journey.

Time away can give me that much-needed opportunity to reflect on the beauty of life. Amidst the hustle and bustle of helping others, I can forget my true motivations. I want to allow nature to reawaken me to the deeper purposes of my efforts of caring and sharing.

My life includes such long lists of “to do.” The vacation is a moment to interrupt, and I know it can be unsettling, even, unnerving. But, I am daring. I can vacation bravely and in peace.

Divine Rest, help my time of vacation, be it extensive or just an hour, be a reprieve from the pressures I put upon myself to succeed and do good. Confident that there is a love the undergirds all activities, free me to open myself to the wonders to see bravely. AMEN.


ACTION: What daily and extended vacations do you take? Consider how they help you. Whether planned or unplanned, long or short, take a vacation this week.

Nursing Heart Friends,

Our second week of covering community leader profiles includes a group of eight amazing women; Doña Magalí Tay, Doña María Puy, Doña Ángela Hernández, Doña Lesvia Cruz, Doña Irma Coty, Doña Eliza Sutuj, and Doña María Julia Champen.

These women are the leaders of the Chigonzales Community in San Martín Jilotepeque, who have been working for 5 years in different leadership positions in projects such as: maintenance of water distribution lines, support to the nurse of the health post with taking weights and heights of the children, ensuring children are vaccinated, supporting the local school in it’s work, and maintaining the drinking water storage tank project for the primary school.

Because of the leaders’ impeccable work, they have been demonstrating to the community examples for the future generations and the importance of getting involved in projects that benefit the entire population.

Written by Sara Casteñada

This past season, we fundraised and built a multi-use clinic for the Chigonzales Community and provided the schools first wellness program.

It’s empowering to see strong leaders, especially women, in these communities. In Guatemala it is not common to see women in leadership as the roles are traditionally for men. How wonderful it is to see empowered women, being role models for the future and helping their communities thrive. We are so happy to be in partnership with them and support their communities projects.

Jade Parker-Manderson & the ACE team

Support Nursing Heart by becoming a donor. As little as $15 a month (over 12 months) supports TWELVE children to receive a wellness screening including anitparasite treatment, nutrition screening, fluoride treatment and health education.

Quote of the Week

“The quote is taking a vacation this week.
It will return soon.”

About the Photographer

Mark Hakomaki is an artist and has graciously allowed Nursing Heart to share his photos from a summer excursion with Bill Huebsch into Ireland. Enjoy these lush summer colors as perhaps you reflect upon or prepare for a summer vacation. Mark writes,

“I am a painter and, over the years, I have come to rely on art, music, and nature

to explain life and be my voice. Painting with oils allows me to achieve this goal. I learned to paint by simply approaching the easel with my brush. I soon realized each subject and image I paint, by its very nature, will never exist again except on my canvas; thus, have I learned how to transmit the intrinsic nature of each subject I approach.”

See more of Mark’s work at:

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