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From Nursing Heart Inc on November 19, 2018; #380

Monday Motivational Meditation

I follow three rules: Do the right thing,
do the best you can, and always show people you care.

Lou Holtz

Head coach for 34 years at both the college and pro levels, and is perhaps best known for his 11-season stint as head coach at Notre Dame from 1986-1996. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008.


How I follow those who have had the previous shift tells my patient a lot about me. How I follow the examples of those who have touched my life does the same. Values and approaches to life are learned. In my role as a mentor, I want to remember this. It’s not so much about getting others to follow my every move. It’s more about inspiring a particular way of living in the world. Those who have gone before me made sacrifices so that I might know how to move forward in life with grace.

I follow the rules because it provides order and the confidence of others. Policies are developed as a body, and it’s better if I try to live them out, and that makes them real. Sometimes they may not seem very clear like a pond moving in the wind, and at other times they can be like mirrors. I follow policies and know now and then they may need my help to provide more clarity or a better focus.

Those who lead me can only do so if I follow them. It is something that I choose to do. Following them well also means that at times I will raise issues honestly and respectfully. People are served better and cared for more if I have respect for both leading and following.

Divine Light, give me the wisdom to know when to lead and when to follow. Help me to do whatever it takes to make the world a safer place and bring others together in harmony. Always committed to healing may I judge well what is just and right. AMEN.

ACTION: Consider your attitude towards rules. When are they helpful and when are they not? Who taught you your approach to rules and how do you mentor others about them? Talk to a young person about rules this week.

About the PhotographersKass and Eric Mencher are documentary and fine art photographers currently living in Antigua, Guatemala. Kass worked for two decades for alternative weekly newspapers in the Philadelphia area and Eric was a photojournalist for the The Philadelphia Inquirer, where he covered a wide range of national and international assignments. Both now actively use Instagram to showcase their work and Eric is a member of the Instagram- based collective, Hikari Creative. The Menchers also teach photographic workshops, specializing in iPhone photography. They have both exhibited their work regionally, nationally, and internationally.Kass and Eric have worked together on numerous projects, including life along the Lincoln Highway (the first cross-country road in the United States), contemporary life in Lake Atitlán and Antigua, and a series titled “Compañeros”, a juxtaposition of their images, usually as diptychs.

They said of their work, “We’re honored to share our diptychs here. To us, when these pictures are paired, they take on a different meaning than if viewed separately. We hope that not only do they share similar content to connect with each other graphically, but that they connect emotionally with the viewer, inspiring a deepened perspective of the world. They start a conversation that you wouldn’t have otherwise. “

Nursing Heart is grateful to Kass and Eric for permitting the use of these diptychs in this series called, “Follow.”

See more of their photography at the Instagram feeds:

Nursing Heart Friends,

One of the things I like most about the clinics that visiting nurse practitioners provide is that they take the time to really “be” with each patient. Just like in the States, when a practitioner gives us their undivided attention, it means a lot. These nurse practitioner students from Florida Atlantic University did all that and more during their time here. Take a look at the video to acknowledge their great work. Video summary

This past week, our team had a number of meetings at the Learning Center of Hombres y Mujeres en Acción. This is such an extraordinary complex that they have built. Having a place like this, our team can meet with committees from the various communities we are serving and build relationships of trust. Nursing Heart values trust. It takes time to build those relationships which the teams that come can enter into. Take a look at our values.

One of the groups with which we met on Friday was Centro Estudiantil Niños Para Cristo. The FAU BSN students coming in December will offer a wellness check for this school of almost 400 students. It’s quite a feat for the administration of the school to do this activity while students are on break, but they will!

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NHI staff meet with Paola, Sandra, David and Brenda from Centro Estudiantil at the Learning Center of Hombres y Mujeres en Acción.

Quote of the Week

If we follow the path with an open heart and mind,
we find the right way.

Lois Werner, Founder
People for Guatemala
Antigua, Guatemala

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