RESULTS — Monday Motivational Meditation #383 — 2018-12-10

From Nursing Heart Inc on December 10, 2018; #383

Monday Motivational Meditation


In spite of discouragement and adversity, those who are happiest seem to have a way of learning from difficult times, becoming stronger, wiser and happier as a result.

Joseph B. Wirthlin, 1917-2008

American businessman, religious leader and member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.



The actions I take in cooperation with other members on the team assume an outcome. We want our efforts to make a difference and cause a positive effect. There is nothing so frustrating as lots of work for naught. I want to help create positive results.

If helping someone heal is an art, then I know I will have to practice to get good results. Like a guitarist playing a riff over and over, or someone learning to meditate, I will enter the refinement process of learning, evaluating and trying things over and over. It means I’m willing to be self-reflective about how I interact with those to whom I bring my care and look honestly at the outcomes.

The results I help to bring about, be that patient satisfaction with the care they receive, or the things I do to help them stay safe, mean something to me. Caring for others is more than a job. The outcomes for my patients are many times a consequence of my actions. I’m willing to take on some responsibility for how things turn out.

Eternal Desire, create in my soul a desire to seek more health of mind and body for every person I encounter. Knowing how much my attitude and awareness can affect the results, give me the courage to go about my work with expectations that challenge me. While being patient with myself, help me to learn from my mistakes and accept them as a means to ultimately make things better for those I serve. AMEN.

ACTION: What have been the secrets to your success and ability to get the results you desire? Think about the advise you give to others for achieving desired outcomes. Talk to someone this week about your methods.


About the Photographers

Kass and Eric Mencher are documentary and fine art photographers currently living in Antigua, Guatemala. Kass worked for two decades for alternative weekly newspapers in the Philadelphia area and Eric was a photojournalist for the The Philadelphia Inquirer, where he covered a wide range of national and international assignments. Both now actively use Instagram to showcase their work and Eric is a member of the Instagram- based collective, Hikari Creative. The Menchers also teach photographic workshops, specializing in iPhone photography. They have both exhibited their work regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Kass and Eric have worked together on numerous projects, including life along the Lincoln Highway (the first cross-country road in the United States), contemporary life in Lake Atitlán and Antigua, and a series titled “Compañeros”, a juxtaposition of their images, usually as diptychs.

They said of their work, “We’re honored to share our diptychs here. To us, when these pictures are paired, they take on a different meaning than if viewed separately. We hope that not only do they share similar content to connect with each other graphically, but that they connect emotionally with the viewer, inspiring a deepened perspective of the world. They start a conversation that you wouldn’t have otherwise. “

Nursing Heart is grateful to Kass and Eric for permitting the use of these diptychs in this series called, “Follow.”

See more of their photography at the Instagram feeds:

Quimal La Joya dice que sí a la propuesta de trabajar en conjunto para la jornada médica con apoyo de la ACEUMSL.

Nursing Heart Friends,

We are all set to welcome a great BSN group from Florida Atlantic. For the third time, Dr. Rhonda Goodman has coordinated a group who will come to Guatemala immediately after they finish their finals at Florida Atlantic University this week.

While preparing for this group, the team has also been preparing for our three groups in January. Nursing students from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Missouri-St. Louis will come at the beginning of the month. We’ll conclude the month with our annual “open” group to build a clinic and offer some clinical services. We have a couple positions open especially for people willing to do some building. You don’t need to have medical training to participate. Check out the itinerary and other info on the week by clicking here.

As you prepare for the holidays, I’d like to invite you consider becoming a monthly contributor to Nursing Heart as a way to give a gift full of significance. We are working to form new partnerships with communities in Guatemala to foster hope and public health. It would be a great gift and much appreciated. Yes, I can help!

Please follow our activities on Facebook and at our website



 Quotes of the Week

The result of my trip to Guatemala has been to feel the privilege of serving people in their community with kindness, compassion, and love.

Dave Lucas, RN
FNP Program, Harbor Branch, Ft Pierce, Florida
Orthopedic/Med Surge Nurse
Melbourne, Florida

And more this week…

In works of mercy, some results are easy to measure, some are hard but crucial, and the most precious are known only to the Lord-to be revealed at His good pleasure.

Drew Clark, PhD
Senior Director, World Vision

Federal Way, Washington

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