ANALYZE — Monday Motivational Meditation #399 — 2019-04-01

From Nursing Heart Inc on April 1, 2019; #399

Monday Motivational Meditation

“The human brain works as a binary computer
and can only analyze the exact information-based
zeros and ones (or black and white).
Our heart is more like a chemical computer that uses
fuzzy logic to analyze information
that can’t be easily defined in zeros and ones.”

Naveen Jain, 1959-

Business executive, entrepreneur and the founder and former CEO of InfoSpace. InfoSpace briefly became one of the largest internet companies in the American Northwest, before the crash of the dot-com bubble and a series of lawsuits involving Jain.

Bread Loaf #3: See this image in 3D. Click HERE.


The search for clarity in situations requires that I analyze the data. Like taking a look at a rock formation in three dimensions, I need to separate the constituent parts or elements. It’s the opposite of synthesizing something. I am taking things apart. Many times I need to see the pieces before I can understand the whole. It takes time, and I have to be patient.

In helping someone or myself, for that matter, I have to begin by knowing what the parts that need to be taken into consideration are. To examine a situation critically, the essential elements will start to come into view. I can prioritize what the most critical parts are and the amount of impact this or that has on the problem being faced. Sometimes the issue comes with some history and sometimes it’s a new experience for those I help. Hopefully, my willingness to consider all the factors at play and my willingness to analyze them as part of the whole indicates to my patient that their life is valuable.

Sometimes, I will need to reach out to experts who understand the elements better than I do; a pharmacist, a therapist, or a chaplain for example. But first I want to scrutinize the issues and in detail to identify problems, causes, factors and consider the results that are coming about as a result.

Universe of Love, help me to be unafraid to dig into the elements of the issues faced by those seeking my help. Knowing that with time and with a commitment to what is right and just, the answers will come. Help me to analyze each situation with hope and with a heart full of love that keeps believing that all things are possible. AMEN.

ACTION: Analyze your work situation. What are the most satisfying elements and what are the challenges? What needs to be taken apart so you understand it better? Do some research on what makes people happy in the work place.

Learn more about the above photo by Alex Jones below.

NPs and BSNs from Northern Arizona University and the Nursing Heart team in Santa Mar铆a de Jes煤s.

Video from the week with Northern Arizona University: Click Here.

Video from the previous week with the University of Minnesota: Click Here.

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Nursing Heart Friends,

Northern Arizona University (NAU) returned to Nursing Heart this year. We were happy to welcome them back. Our special thanks to Dr. Kim Gould who championed the effort. Though it was a small group, they outdid themselves in caring for our dear friends in Santa Mar铆a de Jes煤s (SMJ). Together we saw over 350 patients. With the help our of friend, Dra. Paty Baiza of Fe en Pr谩ctica, we were able to address some serious issues in the cervical cancer screening clinic. Dr. Carlos Dionisio assisted us in the primary care clinic.

The Diabetic and Hypertensive Clinic which began in SMJ with NAU, was renewed. It now has 48 members and all of them received their new “carnet” (the card used to track their monthly results). In the last couple of years we have made substantial progress in controlling the chronic illness of those enrolled in what the group calls, “The Club.” More on all this in the upcoming weeks.

This is my last installment as Executive Director and from here on I’ll turn my attention to serving as the Founder. I’m excited about the new role that I will be playing for Nursing Heart. I’ll continue providing the weekly meditations but after the Inauguration of Jade Parker-Manderson as our new Executive Director on Tuesday, the weekly responsibility to report to you our members will fall to her.

On this past Monday as the clinics began, the community of SMJ and the dear members of the NHI/ACE Staff, arranged for the ceremonial presentation of community life on the volcano to include the blessing and giving of a bast贸n to me as leader of our organization. The leader of the governing body in all the pueblos has a bast贸n to signify their position. I will pass this symbol of leadership on to Jade on Tuesday with a heart that could not be more full of wonderful memories and hope for Nursing Heart’s future. My deepest thanks to my colleagues: Sara, C茅sar, Javier, Blanqui and Ross who have confidently entered into this period of transition with me and have helped me welcome Jade with her incredible gifts into the role of Executive Director of Nursing Heart, Inc/Asociaci贸n Coraz贸n de Enfermer铆a.


Founding Executive Director

With Julio Garcia and Jade reviewing a building project this week at our partners Jard铆n de Amor.
Quote of the Week

“It is essential to analyze each patient as a whole entity,
mind, body, and spirit.”

Kristen Matulis, BSN, RN
DNP-FNP Student
Adult Gerontological
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

About the Photographer

Alex Jones: Do you want to see something exciting? Click on the link under the photo and see the rock formation in 3D. “Clarity” is the name of this series and these photos will be provided for viewing in three dimensions and will help us mark these reflections. Nursing Heart would like to thank Alex Jones for inviting us to the incredible virtual world that he is creating with his art and science.

Alex is currently working in collaboration with a professor at Rice University. He writes the following about the project. “Andr茅 W. Droxler, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Earth Science and the director of the Center for the Study of Environment and Society. His research has focused on studying the morphology of and the sediments accumulating on slopes and basin floors surrounding coral reefs and carbonate platforms.

He and I are currently working on a project documenting microbial reefs and outcrops that are around 500 million years old on a private ranch in Mason, Texas. We are using a process called photogrammetry. It’s the of process where one takes dozens, hundreds or thousands of photos (depending on the size of what you are documenting) in a very specific manner at specific angles, and patterns and then, using special computer software, you can turn them into a 3D model which people can rotate and zoom in and out on their computers, phones and tablets, as well as using virtual reality and augmented reality to walk around said documented piece.”

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