DEFINE — Monday Motivational Meditation #400 — 2019-04-08

From Nursing Heart Inc on April 8, 2019; #400

Monday Motivational Meditation

“Our shared values define us more than our differences.
And acknowledging those shared values
can see us through our challenges today
if we have the wisdom to trust in them again.”

John McCain, 1936-2018

American politician and military officer who served as a United States senator from Arizona from January 1987 until his death.

H1 Reef #3. See this image in 3D: Click HERE.


Explaining or identifying the exact qualities or nature of an issue faced by someone I care for is critical in finding a path to hope, healing and wholeness. To help my patient define what is going on is an essential step in developing the map forward. It takes courage to clarify a situation honestly. For example, if someone has a terminal diagnosis, honesty about the diagnosis, though unbelievably challenging, allows the opportunity to chart a path that even with the knowledge of how things will end, can give hope.

Offering care while defining a problem requires empathy. Though I cannot know what the one I am caring for is experiencing internally, I can honor their feelings by listening and being open to hearing the perspectives they share as their truth. This will require that I am in touch with my own feelings. I am willing to hear and seek the meaning of all sides of their story, like reviewing a formation in 3D.

The process of defining the exact nature of a disease process will require that I turn to others for their guidance. I’ll do it with gratitude for their expertise and competence. Together we will help those on the journey to embrace the physical and spiritual boundaries of the path they are traversing.

Divine Path, guide me on the road as I help those I care for to find clarity about their journey. As I help them to accept and clearly define the boundaries of what lies before them, instill confidence in me that I can support them with visions of hope for the way. AMEN.

ACTION: Consider your method for defining a problem. How do you gain clarity of the situation? What helps you most in to see all sides of a situation? Think about the last issue you had to define. Who helped you? Can you thank them?

Learn more about the above photo by Alex Jones below.

The NHI ACE Team
The NHI/ACE team at the inauguration ceremony: Javier, Blanqui, Jade, Ron, César & Sara.

Nursing Heart Friends,

It is an honor and a privilege that I write this report for you today, as the official Executive Director of NHI/ACE.

On Tuesday, Ron hosted the official ED inauguration for myself at the beautiful Hotel San Rafael in Antigua joined by the NHI Team members, my husband and our guest of honour, Sue Patterson – Founder of WINGS.

Ron, in his usual style of love and caring, organized a beautiful event. We started with the Guatemalan National Anthem followed by myself taking the oath to serve NHI and the communities of Guatemala. The traditional ‘Bastón’ of leadership was handed over. Don’t worry, Ron isn’t going anywhere and it’s business as usual.

This last week we have been working on the May and June programs and have been focusing on strengthening the community relationships with visits to La Plazuela and San Felipe de Jesús, who are all very excited to be partnering with us and the upcoming groups.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support of the organization and I look forward to being a part of this wonderful journey with you as we provide healthcare to the people of Guatemala, who need it most. If you would like to contribute to our organization and support our programs, you can donate here and we will be forever grateful.


Jade Parker-Manderson
Executive Director NHI/ACE

La Plazuela
César, Sara & our socio Amilcar in the community of La Plazuela.
Quote of the Week

“Trying to define the scope of nursing is limiting
because the impact of nursing is limitless.”

Natalie Reker, BSN, RN
DNP-FNP Student
Children’s Hospital
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

About the Photographer

Alex Jones: Do you want to see something exciting? Click on the link under the photo and see the rock formation in 3D. “Clarity” is the name of this series and these photos will be provided for viewing in three dimensions and will help us mark these reflections. Nursing Heart would like to thank Alex Jones for inviting us to the incredible virtual world that he is creating with his art and science.

Alex is currently working in collaboration with a professor at Rice University. He writes the following about the project:

“André W. Droxler, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Earth Science and the director of the Center for the Study of Environment and Society. His research has focused on studying the morphology of and the sediments accumulating on slopes and basin floors surrounding coral reefs and carbonate platforms.

He and I are currently working on a project documenting microbial reefs and outcrops that are around 500 million years old on a private ranch in Mason, Texas. We are using a process called photogrammetry. It’s the of process where one takes dozens, hundreds or thousands of photos (depending on the size of what you are documenting) in a very specific manner at specific angles, and patterns and then, using special computer software, you can turn them into a 3D model which people can rotate and zoom in and out on their computers, phones and tablets, as well as using virtual reality and augmented reality to walk around said documented piece.”

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