CHAOS — Monday Motivational Meditation #412 — 2019-07-01

From Nursing Heart Inc on July 1, 2019; #412

Monday Motivational Meditation

“Chaos in the midst of chaos isn’t funny,
but chaos in the midst of order is.”

Steve Martin, 1945-

American comedian, writer, and producer who began his career as a stand-up comic and eventually achieved success in motion pictures, television, Broadway, and literature.

by Ron Noecker

Trying something new can cause chaos. Unleashing the creativity of turmoil is worth it if it gives those in need of healing more hope and the potential to improve. Doing what I have always done may be comfortable, but shaking things up and allowing some new thinking to take place around my routines might spark some real improvements.

As a health provider, it is good to have the inner confidence that can allow some discomfort to exist. I have to value the things I’ve learned through successes and failures to be part of what it takes to make things better. I need the inner resolve that trusts what I have learned. Real learning is most often not easy. It comes with grit and determination.

The ability to manage chaos and pull things into order is the other side of the story. In leading a particular project, if the creative tension becomes too high, knowing how to scale things back to get the right balance between creativity and stability is a skill. Knowing how much tension a family or my colleagues can handle is part of learned wisdom.

Divine Creator, out of chaos the universe was born. Help me to trust that the creativity inherent in making all things new is worth the risks.Daring myself and others to make things better, help me to use all that I have learned to allow new connections and hope. AMEN.

ACTION: Consider a time when you were found yourself in the midst of chaos. What were the circumstances and what did you learn through it? Take a walk and think about all that life has taught you.

Learn more about the above photo by Rosanna McGarrahan below. Our thanks to Rosanna for use in this series called, “Holding the Tension.” Credit is given for the influence provided in “Dare to Lead” by BrenĂ© Brown in these reflections. Learn more at

The sisters who run the nursing home in San MartĂ­n receiving their stoves through the support of some of the nurses from the CEU group.

Nursing Heart Friends,

I wanted to share a few heartfelt stories from last weeks visiting CEU nurse group that demonstrates how just a few people can make a big difference.

After the group from Florida (guided by Dr. Goodman and Dr. Hain) visited the nursing home in San MartĂ­n on one of our foot clinics, they noticed that the two nuns who work tirelessly caring for the residents were cooking on a small open fire in the kitchen. After speaking with the nuns and asking them what they desired, it became clear that having a more sustainable cooking system would decrease their workload immensely. The group jumped straight into action and, before they even finished the foot clinic, had arranged funding and installation of two new stoves. You can see the looks of delight on their faces receiving this gift. We are so grateful for the care and love you have brought with you to Guatemala.

Donations of school supplies for La Plazuela Junior High School

Meanwhile, alumni keep sharing the love after their Nursing Heart program. Dr. Rhonda Goodman’s recent BSN students heard of her involvement in the construction of a building at the local high school in La Plazuela, and of the school’s minimal resources. These BSN students together with families and friends raised enough money to finance the cement floor of the kitchen ($500usd) and purchase four big chapina stoves to provide school meals to the children ($750usd). Another former NHI participant and student of Dr. Goodman’s donated four big crates of school supplies for the school, valued at over $1000usd.

There are many more examples I can give from previous groups and students who not only donated their time and energies to provide health care to the underserved people of Guatemala, but also give generously and ethically to support the communities after their program ends. This just shows how one person can make an impact in the lives of many.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all and everyone who has donated to the communities of Guatemala. Without your generosity and kind hearts, life would be very different.

If you would like to make a donation to one of our communities and/or support our health programs you can make a donation here or contact me directly for more information at

We hope you have a lovely heartfelt Monday and happy 4th of July.

Jade Parker-Manderson & the ACE team xx

Correction from last week’s post: The playground mentioned was donated to the Compassion International School in San MartĂ­n and the building inauguration attended by last week’s group was for the opening of the new building at the junior high school of La Plazuela.

Quote of the Week

“Only those who admit that chaos exists
can begin to transform it.”

Murphy Yoxall, Chloe Garrison, Sarah Finleyson,
Michelle Kunkle, and Lydia Martzin

Clemson University Nursing Students
Clemson, South Carolina

About the Photographer

Rosanna L. Kunkel McGarrahan is retired now after a long and varied work life. She writes,”I worked for Washington State, spent 8 years in the Air Force as a Chinese Linguist, and then nearly 27 years as an oncology nurse. I have always loved to travel, beginning with a year in Japan during high school. I love to see new places and make new friends. I still have my best friends since first grade. My friendship with my English Penpal has also lasted nearly 55 years. People say that I have a ‘passion for life.’ I just like to live life to the fullest and still have a long ‘bucket list.’ As exciting as my life has been so far, nothing compares to holding a newborn grandchild in my arms for the first time.

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