REST — Monday Motivational Meditation #418 — 2019-08-12

From Nursing Heart Inc on August 12, 2019; #418

Monday Motivational Meditation

“Rest is not idleness,
and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day,
listening to the murmur of the water,
or watching the clouds float across the sky,
is by no means a waste of time.

John Lubbock, 1834-1913

English banker, Liberal politician, philanthropist, scientist and polymath.

by Ron Noecker

Rest is a way of seeing clearly. Sometimes I should sleep on things and let its refreshing elixir sift my soul of unneeded chaff. Like the clearing that happens by walking through a garden or a labyrinth, rest slows my heart and allows it to take in more.
Caring for people without breaks, without taking ample time for relaxation, can deprive those I’m trying to assist from receiving my best self or doing my best work. A little time for cloud gazing gives my brain a break from the intensity. Rest relieves the weariness caused by being responsible for one too many things.
Rest is a good thing and necessary. As a leader, I want to help those who I am working with to feel supported in taking their vacation time and finding those places where they can be restored and refreshed.
Divine Rest, help me to find peace by giving myself spaces to ease the burdens I carry inside. Knowing that I rest in the care of a beneficent universe, may I grant myself permission to take moments where I am accomplishing nothing except to bask and in the beauty of creation around me. AMEN.
ACTION: Consider the ways you rest. How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10? Do a casual survey of friends this week about on how much sleep is appropriate and necessary.

Ron Noecker, Jade Parker-Manderson and Ross Noecker meeting in Chicago.

Nursing Heart Friends,
This last week I had the pleasure to meet up with our founder Ron and Administrative Assistant Ross in Chicago to finalize some banking requirements and also to do some strategic and fundraising planning for this coming season. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a great year.
After that, I was off to Baltimore to meet with the Global Health team and Dean of Johns Hopkins University to plan for their program this year. We are continuing to focus on empowering the community of Pacoxpón, Guatemala with support from the Masters Entry Nursing Students.
A pleasant coincidence is that both Dean Patricia Davidson and myself are Australian and our families are from the same country town in NSW. It’s incredible how small the world is.
I also took advantage of my time in Baltimore to meet to meet with our Board President Amanda for further strategic meetings and I was lucky enough to receive a tour of the famous Johns Hopkins Hospital — what an impressive building.
Many exciting things are happening as we plan for this next year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit all of our partner universities on this trip, but we are looking forward to welcoming them in Guatemala this season and to their support in carrying out our work with the people of Guatemala.

Jade Parker-Manderson
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Quote of the Week
“The quote is taking a vacation this week.
It will return soon.”

About the Photographer
Mark Hakomaki is an artist and has graciously allowed Nursing Heart to share his photos from a summer excursion with Bill Huebsch into Ireland. Enjoy these lush summer colors as perhaps you reflect upon or prepare for a summer vacation. Mark writes,
“I am a painter and, over the years, I have come to rely on art, music, and nature
to explain life and be my voice. Painting with oils allows me to achieve this goal. I learned to paint by simply approaching the easel with my brush. I soon realized each subject and image I paint, by its very nature, will never exist again except on my canvas; thus, have I learned how to transmit the intrinsic nature of each subject I approach.”

See more of Mark’s work at:

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