LEAVE — Monday Motivational Meditation #420 — 2019-08-26

From Nursing Heart Inc on August 26, 2019; #420

Monday Motivational Meditation

“The one thing I need to leave behind is good memories.”

Michael Landon, 1936-1991

American actor, writer, director, and producer.


by Ron Noecker

As summer ends, there are transitions. Many of my colleagues are watching their children leave for school. It is bittersweet. They love seeing their children grow and move into the world, but they also feel the loss of someone’s presence in their life. It is a practice of allowing and letting go.

Times come when I to have to leave to find new hope and refreshment. Every time a shift ends, and I let go of the responsibility of caring for my patients, I have an opportunity to learn that helping is a corporate activity. I can’t do it alone.

Each night when I leave the days cares behind; I can also take leave from bitterness, resentment, or fear. There is cleansing in the letting go that can fill me with new life and peace.

Divine Presence, never allow me to take leave from the awareness of the energies of life that surround me – knowing that the universe is full of opportunities to move away from the dark and into the light, give me direction through the seasons of life. AMEN.

ACTION: Each night this week, consider the opportunities you had to leave people or things. What do you need to let go of in these days? Talk to someone about it.

Nursing Heart Friends,

Partner profile written by Blanqui López

Jovita has been involved for 14 years working as a leader in her community in Santa Maria de Jesus starting in the COCODE (committee of leaders for the village) looking for support in different development projects such as threads for knitting, kitchen utensils for the homes, also working in contact with different organizations to provide medical jornadas for the community, construction projects for low-income families.

She has also worked together with the municipality on different projects with families who have children with physical or special disabilities, also with the help of the local women’s office to train women to teach the art of typical embroidery to make bags made with guiples (typical blouses), shawls, and typical sweets. This is to empower the women in order to work at home and to have an income to contribute to the family.

Jovita participated with the help of other women leaders in the community and the municipality to receive food preparation training for low-weight/malnourished children supported by a person from MAGA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food of the Republic of Guatemala) that reaches the community two times per month.

Nursing Heart currently works with the support of Jovita running a Diabetic and Hypertensive Club in the community every month, being a leader that shows commitment and responsibility, Jovita is a very important leader for nursing Heart when we develop our annual medical day in Santa Maria, she also supports us with arranging the physical space for use as a clinic with furniture and equipment and also by promoting the clinic to the community.

Jovita is an empowered leader who has supported many projects for the development of her community. It is an honor for us to work in partnership with Doña Jovita.


Jade Parker-Manderson
Executive Director

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Quote of the Week

“The quote is taking a vacation this week.
It will return soon.”

About the Photographer

Mark Hakomaki is an artist and has graciously allowed Nursing Heart to share his photos from a summer excursion with Bill Huebsch into Ireland. Enjoy these lush summer colors as perhaps you reflect upon or prepare for a summer vacation. Mark writes,

“I am a painter and, over the years, I have come to rely on art, music, and nature to explain life and be my voice. Painting with oils allows me to achieve this goal. I learned to paint by simply approaching the easel with my brush. I soon realized each subject and image I paint, by its very nature, will never exist again except on my canvas; thus, have I learned how to transmit the intrinsic nature of each subject I approach.”

See more of Mark’s work at:

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