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From Nursing Heart Inc on June 10, 2019; #409

Monday Motivational Meditation

“Choose to focus your time, energy and conversation
around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow
into your happiest, strongest, wisest self.”

Karen Salmansohn

Best selling self-help book author and award-winning designer

by Ron Noecker

I want to be a leader who supports my colleagues in finding the space to revive themselves. Rest, play, and recovery are essential if we are to continue to do our best in offering ourselves for others. Recreation helps us care about others better and in more creative ways.

There are those forces inside of me that suggest that exhaustion from work is what is to be rewarded. I have these voices that tell me that my value is based on making a lot of things happen. But, I can find a different kind of balance in my life. I support my search to have a healthy work/life balance and encourage others to do the same.

The summer is here, and this is a moment to look for those unique opportunities for revival and to support those who join me in this work in doing the same. If it’s necessary to adjust my schedule so that someone else can have an opportunity, I will do it.

Divine Rest, guide me to find those spaces and places that bring new life and hope. Life is a treasure to be tended. Open the way for me to see how I can support others in finding pathways of revival. AMEN.

ACTION: What are your summer recovery plans? How do you support your colleagues as a model of rest and play? Talk over your approach to finding a good work/life balance.

Learn more about the above photo by Kendall Draeger below. Our thanks to Kendall for his use in this series called, “Leadership.” Credit is given for the influence provided in “Dare to Lead” by BrenĂ© Brown in these reflections. Learn more at

At Escuela JardĂ­n de Amor on Monday.

Nursing Heart Friends,

We have been joined this week in Guatemala by Dr. Tracy Fasolino, who took Dr. Amerson’s place with the Clemson Global Heath student nurses as they finish their last two weeks of their Global Health Program. She has been a great addition to the team.

This past week, the proactive group participated in two health interventions. Monday we visited our dear friends in Escuela JardĂ­n de Amor to provide 149 students with their bi-annual albendazole (Parasite) treatment. It’s maintaining these relationships and providing ongoing support and health care that are so vital to us and our mission.

On Friday we helped install stoves in the community of San Lorenzo el Cubo. These stoves benefited 10 families: 38 adults and 34 children. Although this program does not involve health assessments or taking of blood pressures or a clinical intervention, it’s a fantastic way for the students to be able to apply their public health and health prevention principles and link the theory to practice, whilst benefiting families at the same time. And boy, do the groups have fun on these projects (as do the families).

Not only do the stoves provide immediate health benefits, they also provide economic relief with the reduction of wood consumption. These programs make us feel grateful to have these community relationships where we can provide varying health programs throughout the year and we are so thankful for everyone’s support and donations.

Today we are to welcome a new group of CEUs — Continuing Education Unit for Nurses — to Guatemala supported by the one and only Dr. Rhonda Goodman. The fun never stops down here in Guate.

Happy Monday,

Jade Parker-Manderson xx

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One of the families in San Lorenzo el Cubo.
Quote of the Week

“To have fulfillment in the nursing profession, we must bridge relationships and support one another through all chapters of life. Only through these efforts intertwined with genuine love and compassion can we find joy in helping others.”

Tracy Fasolino, PhD, FNP, ACHPN
Clemson University and Bon Secours Mercy Health

About the Photographer

Kendall Draeger grew up in Kansas and received his first camera as a Christmas gift while in high school. After college he moved to Ohio to start his career and family. Photography has remained a hobby and nature is one of his favorite subjects. Family vacations with his wife and daughters would often be trips to state and national parks. Now that he and his wife Meg are empty-nesters, they continue to enjoy adventures to both local and distant scenic areas throughout the US.

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